I have not been feeling well for a couple of days, and before that were some days of dullness in which I did not feel like writing in my lj. So now I’m going to try to remember all the stuff that I’ve wanted to tell about and force myself to write about it. Don’t look for this to be entirely coherent.

First of all, there is a cat in my lap.

Last week we had heavy wind, which is one of life’s greatest joys to a wearer of trench coat and watcher of anime. Then we had snow, which is one of life’s greatest joys to me. Which is not to imply that by “wearer of trench coat and watcher of anime” I was referring to anyone but myself. Or anyone else who wears a trench coat and watches anime. Not necessarily at the same time.

Saw The Brothers Grimm wis Fiddychan; ’twas cuteness.

The other day I got a call from a customer named Elisabeth Bennett. There was much squee. Today I got a call from someone named Princess Persons.

Yesterday I called in sick. I’m not sure why. Sure, I don’t feel awesome, but it wasn’t bad enough not to go to work… but I don’t exactly remember what I said on the phone, as I was somewhat delirious at the time, so whatever. Next thing I knew, I was awakening at 4. I spent the rest of the day lying around reading and watching The 10th Kingdom.

Eventually I figured out that these worse-than-usual cramps are probably brought on by the dehydration I’ve been experiencing lately as I generally do at this time of year. This theory seems to be correct, as having drunk twelve hundred gallons of water on the last two days seems to have made things considerably better. Also, my mood is improved having an explanation of why the cramps are worse than usual; I am a strong believer in psychological medicine and placebo. The headaches have not yet gone away, though.

I think I would take anyone over Thorpe. Even Collins. It seems to me that some of the Northanger Abbey characters are closer to caricatures than any of her others, though, for obvious thematic purposes. Love love.

There was definitely more I had to say (besides the two dreams that I shall momentarily detail), but the cat has left my lap and with her has gone my collection of mind on recent events.