I slept a lot this time, and it was lovely. Also I had the best dream. And it snowed whilst I was sneeping, and that is so cool! Also cold.

So the other day there were lots of deer in our parking lot, and out of nowhere appeared this pack of wolves to chase them. Security was escorting everyone to their cars. Methinks this is why I had that dream, combined wis the unrelated conversation my brother and I had that same day — he was telling my parents about some nature show he’d watched about wolves chasing some creatures (I forget what), and how freaky it was. One of them made the comment, “I don’t think I would like to be chased by a pack of wolves.” And I put in, “Oh, I would!” and my brother and I went off on a tangent, which went totally over my parents’ heads, about how if he and I were being chased by the Shinsengumi I could use my fangirliness as cover for him to escape. The Shinsengumi Mary-Sue dream may have to wait until tomorrow to be recorded, though, because I want to look at WaA, which is next on the list, before I go to work.

Somehow I have Bye Bye tte Itta stuck in my head. Not that I don’t like it or anything, but where did it come from? I haven’t heard that song in forever, and my mind’s been on Saitou/Sano for the last three days. Hmm, I guess it must have been the BSSM wallscrolls in my dream…