The first half of the dream was a typical McDonald’s nightmare. Even months after quitting, I still have them; that’s what six and a half years will do to you. We were closing, and somehow it was already 2:35 and we still weren’t out of there. That could be because my coworker kept insisting that I cook stuff for drive-thru customers despite the fact that we were closed.

This was a long and oddly coherent dream. I had recently filled out this application to be part of this all-American Shinsengumi that was being formed in, like, North Carolina or something, and, being a Mary-Sue (appropriately, as it was my dream), I was accepted. So the next day after this McDonald’s adventure, I went off to North Carolina or wherever to the place where accepted applicants needed to meet and wait for the bus to take us to the Shinsengumi complex. And there were some applicants whose parents had actually named them after real Shinsengumi members (no Saitou, though), and I felt so lucky that, although I did not have a cool name, I’d been chosen. Actually, I was so excited that I was bouncing around excitedly. Okita was being all nice to me, and I was bouncing so much that I tripped over the curb when the bus came.

So we all got on the bus and went to this place that was the Coolest Place Ever. We signed in and they gave us swords ( *___* ) and told us where our rooms were, and it was SO COOL. OK, actually, even in the dream I kinda got the feeling that we were being brainwashed just a little (Nazi-style), because they were treating us a little too well, but whatever. The whole place was kinda tailored toward anime fans. The lady told me that my room was on the eighth floor, so I was going up the stairs, and in every room I passed there were people watching anime all aaaalllll these wallscrolls. Most of them were BSSM, sure, but that’s because those are easy to find.

Apparently this dream was set while I was still working at both McDonald’s and Virgin Mobile, because at this point I realized I hadn’t given either of them notice. I didn’t care about McDonald’s at all, but I did about Virgin Mobile. Not sure why, when I was going to be part of the Shinsengumi, but whatever.

So I’m walking up the stairs, and they’re doing what stairs often do in my dreams and being totally unstable and kinda freaky. But I was so happy about getting to be a member of the Shinsengumi that I didn’t care. Plus they didn’t go all the way up to the eighth floor, so I had to take an elevator. The elevators went up from the cafeteria, which was like a free high-class restaurant because teh Shinsengumi deserves nothing less, right? So up the elevator I went, and not only were there all these rooms on the eighth floor, there was also a little breakfast bar in case you wanted food but didn’t want to go downstairs. Anyway. I found I couldn’t remember which room she’d told me. (And she did tell me; I do remember that) I thought she’d said the fourth room, and since I noticed that the door was open and there didn’t appear to be anyone inside, I went in. And it turned out that all the rooms were little virtual reality capsules, so you could have your room look like/be whatever you wanted. Supposedly this was so you could practice on your own, but I speculated that it would be more useful for sexual purposes. Anyway, there actually were people in the room, which was not the one I was supposed to be going to, but they were nice and answered some questions that I had.

OK, so in reality it didn’t have much to do wis the Shinsengumi. BUT IT WAS STILL AWESOME. Oh, I forgot to mention another reason it was kinda brainwashy: when you went into a bedroom, the air was… funny… like there was some chemical in it that gave you this feeling of elation. (Not that I wasn’t already elated) Also the gravity was somewhat less and you could kinda float if you wanted; though that might just have been the one I went into and how they had it set up.