I got home yesterday and my seester was on this computer, so I went downstairs to watch Gundam Wing, which I keep completely spacing (no pun intended) and really need to finish. But just as I got the DVD in, my brother appeared, and we decided to watch RK instead, since he’s read the manga but has not experienced the silliness that is the anime. So we watched that for several hours and then I went to lunch wis Fiddychan, then to bed (not wis Fiddychan) late. And got up late, but that was unintentional. Also I dreamed that I was married to this horrible guy and these magic kids helped me escape down the secret staircase, but I ended up killing him wis a pair of sewing scissors because he captured Tokio, who then had kittins.

Yesterday at work I got good progress done on WaA, and today I believe I will get handwritten LC on the chapter. Which means that today when I come home I must get work done. And maybe also watch some Gundam Item too, since I really do need to finish it.