Finally finished the series. I actually took notes this time as I was watching instead of just remembering stuff afterward; we’ll see if I can make this coherent. Of course it means a lot more fangirling. Here are my thoughts on DVD 6:

I like the new opening theme, but not only does it seem a little late in the game to have switched, it fades out really badly at the end of the sequence. There is more shameless posing in this show’s opening sequences than there is in any other two series put together. And I love it because they also have sexier outfits in this show than in any other two series put together. I can’t believe they never changed the ending theme, though. It seriously became irrelevant about twenty-five episodes ago.

Yay HeavyArms to be back!

Woo-hoo, go Relena! She’s the first character to have figured out the difficult technique of thinking in her head. They would all have problems wis non-verbal spells, methinks.

Aaaaaargh, the pink car is back! Is Treize aware of what he’s done?!? Also I am sad that there is no mas Queen Relena; I liked that.

I still love Duo a million. Also Zechs. Also Noin. It makes me sad that Noin can’t have a Gundam.

I love the logic of action media demanding that whenever the bridge of a ship (or other object that requires a bridge) is destroyed, the entire item will immediately explode.

Oh, Une. So much love for you. I think I would rather she had died, though, back when what’s-his-ass shot her. It was a very noble setup for a death, and I dislike it when such a scene is undermined with, “Oh, yeah, we actually saved her” ten episodes later. *shrugs* She’s still awesome, though.

Nataku is still not very cute; WuFei still looks like candy. Oh, it’s his turn to go crazy in Zero item. Also they are all still marvelously gay.

OK, everyone in this show, all the time, sits around wis random fast food cups. Where do they all come from???

Are there really giant news screens on Japanese streets, or is that just something anime made up for convenience?

Zechs is hot and Dorothy is off her nut.

Sally’s name is Po because that’s what her hair looks like from the back.

Did I mention Dorothy is crazy…?

Oh, Trowa’s turn…

Relena’s flight into space has lasted, like, two episodes now.

Ooh, yay for finally some in-person Zechs-Relena interaction! I have been waiting for that for a vera long time. And Dorothy just totally petted Relena. I would too. And speaking of Dorothy, she is is massively hot it that black outfit. *__*

Now Heero’s talking to his Gundam as if it’s talking back. Sure, it’s got a nifty crazymake system, but it’s not really talking to you at this point.

Quatre gets another turn. But nobody’s listening to him; what’s their problem?? Pretty sad when the enemy recognizes him as the smart one before the allies do. And Dorothy’s being cool. Quatre vs. Dorothy was not something I expected, on any front. Why are the White Fang people taking orders from her, anyway? Obviously Zechs gave her some authority, but it doesn’t seem like she should really have that much…

-__- Hilde again? And more skipped details. Aw, man, for a minute there I thought she was really going to get blown up… or die afterward… God, she is so pointless. And the hair… She is an insult to a hairlovelove series.

Heh, Duo seems pretty happy and excited at the idea of fighting Heero and Trowa at once. Oh, I love him.

I like how they all have matching flight suit items now. So much cute.

Oh, Tallgeese. Why do you have the dumbest name?

OMG FINALLY A WOMAN IN A GUNDAM SO MUCH LOVE FOR UNE THAT MAKES ME SO FREAKING HAPPY!1!!!1!!!111 Still doesn’t change what I said earlier about her death, but GOOD JOBON HER. *snerk, though* They were all so confident that the canon would destroy Treize, but when Une took the blast it only trashed the Gundam and didn’t hurt her at all.

White Fang must be getting so sick of Dorothy by now, standing around giggling and giving philosophical reasons why what they’re doing will or won’t work… But I love her.

*sniggers* They’re all sneaking through the Libra and every time they see a door they’re like, “What?!” and look all surprised and sneak toward it. OK, and when Duo opened that door and looked in and then closed it and freaked out, the brief shot of what he saw inside totally looked like a naked woman. Then he goes, “That was not what I expected to find!!” and only makes it worse. And when it turns out to be those stupid scientist guys, it just brings so many wrongwrong images into my head.

And suddenly Treize is dead. Hmm. I’ve been reserving judgement on him until not only the end but possibly a second time through the series, so I’m not going to say what I think of that at this point.

Peacemillion seems to change size a lot.

Y no mas Zechs. His death was a good deal less meaningful than Treize’s. Unfortunate.

Relena cut her hair. It looks good. And no sign of the pink car; we have indeed attained peace!!

And a delightful ending. Very satisfying. ^__^

OK, now all that’s left is Endless Waltz, after which I shall state my opinion on all main characters and my impression of which pairings I think I might enjoy.