So I requested Friday off for Harry Potter. Thursday, I went to bed at 13 in order to get up at 21… but then, whether because I was excited about the movie or about the present I’d just thought of to get for Fiddychan or because insomnia is a way of life for me, I woke up four hours later and couldn’t get back to sleep. Of course, another reason could have been a terrible stomachache and headache that developed not long after I got up. Anyway, get up I did, and played around wis MP3’s for a while. Then Fiddychan, who apparently also couldn’t sleep, texted me, and I went to her house where we impatiently sat through bits of the last movie and eventually got going at 2200. My stomachache was only worse by this time, and I was horribly afraid that it the slight nausea I was also feeling was going to blossom in the middle of the movie. Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart so I could get the soundtrack, and then sat in the theater for an hour asking, “Are we there yet?” and mocking people quietly.

Funny thing during the ads. This one preview came on that kinda quieted the audience because it made absolutely no sense. You know how normally an ad gives you not only the gist of a movie, but (more often than not) the feeling that you’ve just seen all that’s worth seeing of it? Not so here; this was just confusing in that it told you basically nothing about the movie, and you couldn’t even be quite sure for a bit that it was a movie ad. The whole theater was kinda going, “Huh?” until at the end the title appeared on the screen, followed by, “A bedtime story written by M. Night Shyamalan,” and everyone went, “Oh!!!!!” Desperate excitement in my heart. The man is so awesome that he can raise a cry of understanding as to why nobody understood the preview. *________*

GoF was the best HP movie yet, by far. I say keep this director. My stomach hurt through the entire thing, but no unmanageable nausea. Then I came home and crashed… I slept from 330 until 1330. Got up and finally finished Gundam Wing (thoughts on that in a bit), then lay around for a while longer. Parents invited me to go to dinner wis them, and I decided to risk it, as there was no movie at this point that vomiting would greatly disturb. Fortunately, eating turned out to be just fine, and then L and I read some RK when we got home and fast-forwarded through/mocked some filler eps. Then I took a nap, and now I am awake again. I think after I post my Gundam thoughts I will take a bath, after which I may be able to be productive. The stomachache is not gone, but it has eased; the headache is mostly done with.