Yesterday I went to bed only to find that the doujinshi I won (and spazzed over) a while back had come whilst I was downstairs watching GW and my mom had neglected to tell me this and put the package on my bed. So that totally woke me up. The joy of my second-favorite pairing + the joy of the drawing I’d already been doing = sooo much inspiration; heh, it wouldn’t surprise me if I start four new stories at work today. And I didn’t get to sleep until, like, 1930. Today I am tired. But IDEAS.

My cat is warm and soft and on my lap. So much love. The problem is, she only settles on my lap when I’m not going to be sitting here for very long. It makes me so sad to have to move her. I yuff her a million. My mom calls it Being a Doorstop when she sneeps against the door.

Um, that’s all.