I’ll try to make a real entry later.

Do you read or write fanfiction? I write a lot more than I read, but, yeth.
When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction? Don’t quite remember; it was seven or eight years ago
What was your first fandom? Quest for Glory
First ship? Hero x Mary Sue (though I didn’t know it at the time)
What website do you use most? kuroiyousei.net
What do you think of Fanfiction.net? You do actually get reviews there, but otherwise, it’s kinda sickening. I have to admit it’s a decent springboard, though.
What fandoms have you written in? Too many to name. I wouldn’t even be able to remember them all. The ones where stuff has actually bee posted are: Quest for Glory, Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kreuz, Firefly
Pairings? What is this asking? Which-all pairings have I written? That’s an evil question. My favorite, of course, is Saitou x Sano. I’ll write any pairing I feel inspired to write, though (provided Sano doesn’t steal the story idea for another Saitou x Sano fic, which is what usually happens)
Any fandoms you would like to write in? Not particularly… I wouldn’t mind Bleach or GetBackers, and not a day goes by that I don’t have a BSSM or WK idea that’s not likely to happen… I’ve got some stories in progress in a couple other fandoms (Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Tenkuu no Escaflowne, and even Harry Potter) that may or may not ever see the light of day. But there’s no driving urge, so I sit happily in RK and play wis my boys ^__^
Do reviews affect how you write in any way? I sure as hell hope not, but they do make me a lot happier.
Do you use a beta? No
What ratings do you read/write? Any/any (though everyone must know my opinion on lemons by now)
What warnings have you used on your fiction/read? What warnings have I read?? What kind of memory does this survey think I have?? As for writing… I rarely warn people of anything; for things that people wouldn’t expect from me (like, uh… major character death, mpreg, I dunno what else), or things that I like to think people wouldn’t expect from me (like complete stupidity or Mary-Sueism), I’d give a warning, but otherwise…. *shrugs*
Do you have any squicks? Well, I don’t think you’d really calls them “squicks,” but I can’t stand weak/emotionally dependent pussy Kenshin, and I pretty much just can’t read any story that kills Saitou.
Do you Role-play online? If so, what? Yeth. One RK role-play where Saitou is struggling to get into Sano’s pants (Sano is being difficult), and an awesome original game.
Have you ever stolen something from another person’s work? Um…
Favorite fandom to write/read? Rurouni Kenshin
Favorite pairing? Saitou x Sano
Favorite writer/writers? The good ones
How long should a chapter be? As long as the author pleases
Do you write/read drabbles? I read ’em if they’re on my friends list. The little stories that I write (and call vignettes although only half of them actually fit my definition of the term) are too long to be called drabbles.
Any fandoms you avoid? Harry Potter, unless I have a particular desire to read a particular thing; then I’ll go trolling.
Pairings you avoid? Usually anything with Kenshin as an uke. Not that I object to the idea of Kenshin bottoming; it’s just that Kenshin-uke authors tend to make him what I described above, which I hate above all things. I’m not the biggest fan of Kenshin himself, but he doens’t deserve that.
Warnings you avoid? Haven’t seen any so far.
Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is? God, I hope not.
What do you think of Mary Sues? Da ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I am glad they exist. I love to amuse myself by reading terribly bad Mary Sue fic and laughing my ass off.
Have you ever flamed someone? No! Well, in my head. Even the worst and most misguided author is entitled to kindness from me. Which just generally means I laugh/wince at them in my head and move on. If it’s really bad, I’ll rant about it at my friends and then move on.
Have you ever been flamed? Yeth, but only twice for real. They were pretty good flames. The rest have all been one-to-three words long, and I don’t count those.
That’s it, aren’t you glad? Um, I don’t really care. I’ma take a shower now.