Haven’t written a real entry for a while, for a couple of reasons. First, obviously, Thanksgiving:

All my family except my mom goes bowling every year on Thanksgiving, but I stopped going a few years ago because carpal tunnel made it too painful. Well, this year I decided to try again, since I’ve been wearing wrist braces and practicing smart mouse-usage since that time. I actually got through an entire game, which is more than I did last time. My arm hurt so desperately that there were shoots of pain running all the way up into my scalp. But! My score was 176 ^__^ Thanksgiving foods were good, as always, and then we put up the Christmas stuff on Friday, as always, and that was all very nice. And I’ve been staying up terribly late watching things every day.

Second reason I haven’t made a real entry for a while is that the tablet has EATEN MY LIFE. Seriously. Yesterday I was drawing at it for over eight hours straight. I haven’t written anything at home; at work I can manage stuff, but then I don’t even feel like typing it up when I get home because there is TABLET. I am the dutiful and eternal slave of TABLET. *__*

So after tabletting for so long yesterday, I went to lunch wis Fiddychan and then to pick up some Christmas presents. That was good. Today I need to resist the tablet’s siren call, do some Christmas present preparation, get at least one load of laundry done (need underwear), clean my room (especially catcat’s litter box), and… there was one more thing… mou… well, if I don’t remember it, I can’t feel guilty when I don’t do it.

On the way home from Fiddychan’s house yesterday, my car died at every complete stop. This prompted a dream where my brakes went out on the highway, but the cop who stopped me didn’t ticket me. Mmmcop. Then I had to pull the car into town. I’m so cool in my dreams. In another dream I had recently, a kid was saying his bedtime prayer, and he started it out, “Jesus-taichou.” I think I woke myself up laughing.

I got SoaD’s new album the other day. ‘Tis not very good. Disappointing. Also got Gundam Wing Episode Zero, which was fun (but who the hell cares what Relena was doing before the series?? She’s only likeable after she decides to grow up) and literally fell apart while I was reading it — the cover came off completely and the pages separated into about twelve different lumps. MmmmDuo. Everyone was growing their hair out in anticipation of the series. Also I got Samurai Champloo DVD 6, which I haven’t watched yet. I’ll get around to that sometime.

As usual when I make a catch-up post, I had other things to say that I’ve forgotten during the course of typing the first things. Therefore I will do some laundry and stuff and probably gravitate back to the computer (and the tablet) after not very long.