o Locate a Fiddychan at some point

o Finish Mithtow Thtwaidow’s Christmas present (actually, I’ll probably have that done today)

o Buy my mom a Christmas present (need to coordinate with sibs to see about what they are getting/have gotten her)

o Wrap all the presents I’ve acquired that are wrappable

o Send Kyarorin’s present (Kyarorin, can you verify that I have the correct address? and forgive me if I keep putting off sending it to the point where you don’t get it until your freaking birthday?)

o Get my hair cut (AND ACTUALLY D O IT THIS TIME)

o Stalk William?

o Get lunch stuff

o Hang the laundry I washed last weekend (and the laundry I washed the time before that)

o Finish watching the anime I need to finish watching

o Probably something else that I don’t remember (will add on if I do)