I’m sitting around being absolutely unproductive just playing on NeoPets, so I figured I might as well make a journal entry. I should really get in the shower, actually. But I am making a NeoHouse finally. I figured out the secret of getting lots of np wisout being very good at anything.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay that! This’ll be the first week I haven’t VTO’d once in a long time. I’ve shifted my entire morning schedule back ten minutes and I keep being on time to work (which was the desired result), and that is kinda cool. Speaking of cool, it was (as hinted at in my earlier entry) negative ten degrees outside when I left for work today! I wore my hat wis a tyrtl on it.

Lately I have been working on Crimson Coronation, and Cetoux is being eloquent, but I haven’t typed any of it up because I work on other stuff when I get home or don’t work on anything at all. I think I’ma spend the next several AAX months on CC characters. Ah, the love for AAX.

I so so can’t wait until I get out of this house into my own apartment again. (I think I’m projecting onto my NeoHome.) I have some new scrolls and posters that I’ve not seen more than once (when I bought them) because I bought them whilst living in this house and just put them wis all my others that are all rolled up. It will be so many million fun to decorate once I get my own place again *___* The only thing I am worried about is that Tokio will be lonely.

I didn’t really have anything to say to begin wis, and now I have even less, so I think I will stop.