I have had the best weekend ^__^

I got to see the lovely Narnia movie wis Fiddychan and then hang out wis Fiddychan for a long while! And I worked on Crimson Coronation a million, including some hotness wis Teravor and Rendeiel. Mmmthem. Also I got my room cleaned more than I’ve gotten it cleaned for several weeks, and my laundry done and I may actually put most of it away this time, and some stuff organized in my room and downstairs and also some files. Plus I went to Wal-Mart and got stuff I needed, and I’ma have the best lunches ever this week! And I got my mom’s Christmas present finally (although, being a fool, I didn’t inform my siblings, and my brother went out and bought the exact same thing that very evening) Oh, and my dj’s came! Will summarize them maybe tomorrow.

So what kind of weekend is that?? That is a BALL OF CLAY weekend. Therefore I shall use the appropriate icon.

My brother is playing Dragon Fire, and it’s bizarre to realize that it’s really the first time he’s actually played it seriously. When he was younger he used to get in there and run around killing as many guards as he could before they killed him, but never concentrated on actually figuring things out and winning the game. So it’s really quite strange to watch him play, because he doesn’t know the answers. You get so used to playing for fun (e.g. not for the challenge) when you know the entire series inside-out and backwards that it’s disconcerting to watch someone that you’ve lived with not knowing the answers. Kinda cool, too.

Mou ii. Bedtime!