I got a box full of manga on ebay. It was a mystery box! I was so so excited, because I didn’t know what was going to be in it, so it was a good surprise! Well, I knew it had some RK and some FY because that was all that showed in the picture on the auction, but that was enough to make me buy it. Now I will say what was in it.

o 10 (ten) RK tankouban. TEN OF THEM. Only three of which I already had. Even one that I didn’t have would have been worth buying the box for, so you can well imagine how pleased I was wis this.

o Several FY tankouban. Don’t remember how many. Six, I think. I gave them to Fiddychan immediately.

o 2 Hime-chan no Ribbon tankouban. Neither is #1, so I expect, with my limited Japanese, not to understand anything :D

o One Good Morning Call tankouban. I have never even heard of this manga before. Again, no volume #1.

o 2 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne tankouban. Another title I’ve never heard of. Volume 4’s totally got a catboi on the front. Yum. Hopefully the cute catboi will be present, because again I did not get any volume #1.

o 2 Time Stranger Kyoko tankouban. She looks hot on the cover of one and totally ditzy on the cover of the other. Assuming it’s the same character. Woo! There is a volume #1 here!

o A single volume of the Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa movie-manga. No, not the real manga, but a color comic that is just shots from the movie wis talk bubbles added. It’s well done, but, really, how pointless!

o Two western-release volumes of Shaman King. As one of them is #1, I read it yesterday before I went to bed. OMG SO CUTE. And also so so desperately slashy. I mean, seriously, those guys waited for each other for 600 years and I’m supposed to think they were just friends?? Plus Amidamaru’s “become attached” to You, whom he goes inside (I don’t care that You’s only 13), and he’s an incredibly hot long-haired genki samurai! I will get more of this title immediately (the other volume is #3)

o One volume of Saiyuki. It’s #4, so of course I’m not going to read it yet. But I suppose it really is about time to figure out what everyone’s talking about wis this series, so I’ll pick up the first volume next time I’m at Media Play. It does look like teh hotness from the items on the cover.

o One volume of Naruto. Suppose I’ll catch up to this one too (it’s #3). All in all, the person who sold me this stuff has done an excellent job ensuring I will buy more manga. Mayhap it is a cleverly disguised corporate ploy? Hmmm.

o 6 Shounen Jump magazine items. These are disgustingly westernish, but I will still look through them as much as I can stand.

And the grand total price? $19.98 I am so so pleased wis this. So much excitement and joy upon me. So much new manga!!! The tankouban will take me ages to read, but a million love for furigana so I actually can read them. *dances* OK, enough of this post.