So I finally set up my lj account so I can update from my cell phone the good way. This may mean more entries from me, and it may not. I am still lazy, after all.

I only have donuts and crackers for lunch today. I might have thrown a samich together before work, but I was too busy messing wis lj settings. Oh, well, that’s fine… I’ma go get the last of my Christmas presents bought after work, and I can grab some dinner at that point. Speaking of which, Media Play is going out of business. This makes me sad. And speaking of lunch, Entenmann’s donuts make me really nostalgic.

Yesterday my brother made another of his unexpectedly funny jokes. He said, “I wonder if infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery.” I was amused, but my mom was mildly horrified.

Must not forget to get pens and pencil lead whilst I’m out today. I hope this pen doesn’t die on me…..!