Mostle’s rats downstairs are running in their exceptionally squeeky wheel. It took me a good half hour to figure out what the noise was.

In my dream last night, there was an evil guy in our house who wanted to kill me. He also needed Tokio for some kind of evil ritual/sacrifice sort of thing. His ploy was to get her first unobtrusively and then get me. How I knew all this I didn’t know. Anyway, he was chatting wis my parents all nice-like, standing by the back door, and one of the dogs wanted to go outside. So he opened the door to let the dog out and just kinda left it open. I was like >_< "Close the door, you'll let my cat out," and he started to close it all slowly, and Tokio got out. And he was like, "Oooops… well, I'm sure she'll come back," all smug. Obviously his plan was to go track her down after he left. So I went out immediately to look for her, and ended up chasing her across, like, three people's yards. I caught her and went back to the house, and I went quietly in the front door, hoping I could get her to my room and the guy wouldn't notice me, and I could say that I didn't find her and let him go on an evil wild goose chase. But he saw me immediately (because for all the awesome powers I usually have, my stealth is abyssimal in my dreams), so I went into my room wis her and closed the door and sat against it. He came and was trying to get in, and I think my family was attacking him, but then I woke up.

There are a million snow outside again. It’s the super-dry kind that doesn’t even conglomerate, but there’s, like, a foot of it, so it’s soOoOoOo sparkly and beautiful. Doesn’t mean it won’t harden onto the roads and kill us all, but for now it’s just nice to look at. And you know it won’t be there for Christmas. Not that the whole White Christmas thing is really that important (aside from it being the best Christmas movie ever), but Colorado’s perverseness in teasing us incessantly with snow but never letting us have it on Christmas is consistently amazing.

Vignette idea. Bye.