So I thought that pining away for the weekend was the worst of my problems, right? Mou. Turns out I actually do work on Christmas. Mou. It isn’t the working-on-a-holiday part that bothers me, it’s the giving-up-one-of-my-precious-days-off that really, really, really bothers me. I live for my two days off in a row. Not that I do back-breaking labor and not that I don’t mostly just loiter around all the time when I’m not at work, but….. mou. Not only do I work an extra day, I work almost two hours earlier than usual, too!

A schedule of the next few days to keep me from becoming horribly confused:

Friday 1026 – 1400: Mess around, get lunch, maybe find Fiddychan, maybe play Windwaker
Friday 1400 – 2200: Sneep
Friday 2200 – Saturday 1100: Mess around more. Write vignette. Maybe be otherwisely productive. Wrap Christmas presents (since Saturday has now become the last possible moment. Mou.)
Saturday 1100 – 1900: Sneep
Saturday 1900 – 2350: Christmas Eve stuff wis Family
Sunday 0000 – 0815: Work
Sunday 0815 – 1000: Grump internally about going to church
Sunday 1000 – whenever church ends: Go to church
Sunday After church – 14/1500: Christmas stuff wis Family
Sunday 14/1500 – 22/2300: Sneep
Monday 0000: Go to work

And I think I can handle the rest without a schedule. Maybe. Thank god I can’t work any earlier than midnight. I already get confused enough just being shifted two hours earlier than my usual start time. If I had to do that Saturday night/Sunday morning thing, my brain might just explode.

And during the course of typing out that schedule, I have forgotten what else I had to say.