Was I bitching yesterday about being tired? -___- I am going to crash so much this weekend, and it’s going to be bliss.

So Jennifer is back in town briefly for Christmas, and M and I went to have lunch wis her and her roommate. The latter seems like a good type of friend for her… one that won’t be a bitch at her and might help her self-image. Jennifer has a haircut and she is still the cutest ever. I did not hit on her, though.

Anyway, after eating lots of delicious cheap Chinese foods, I had the happy thought that we should call Pierrling. We did, and he answered her call (not mine :D) and we all decided to go to Pierrling’s house. M’s boyfriend’s house turns out to be, like, three houses away from Pierrling’s, so we left her there and took Pierrling to Chipotle where he could eat. Then we decided to go to Media Play to take advantage of the closing sales (which I’ve already done, of course — $200 worth), but first we had to go to Jennifer’s parents’ house to get a check. And her parents live in the freaking middle of nowhere, like, halfway to Denver!!!!!!! Then we had to go on base to get to her bank to cash the check, and then we went to Media Play.

At Media Play, we wandered around forever and Pierrling bought me the first two DVD’s of Shaman King. Have I mentioned I’m madly in love wis that series???? Looking at the titles of the episodes on the DVD’s, though, I was going O_o at what they’ve obviously skipped. Are they encouraging me to slash Yoh and Ren? Nah, I couldn’t slash anyone wis hair as bad as Ren’s. What I really want is Amidamaru/Silva. (Or Amidamaru/Yoh or Silva/Yoh or Amidamaru/Silva/Yoh, and though I see the logic in spelling it wis an h rather than a u so it’s not mistaken for a capitalized you, it’s really difficult to type) Anyway. So we looked at stuff at Media Play for a very long time and were harrassed by some middle-aged poser guy who happened to be beside us in line and tried to justify all his musical opinions by claiming he had a producer friend.

Then we took Pierrling home, and he gave me back the CB DVD that he found. That is nice. Then Jennifer returned me to my car, and by the time I got home it was 1630. That would have been late for a two o’clock week. @_- Obviously I wasn’t going to be like, “Oh, Jennifer, I gotta go home and sleep now because that’s more interesting than you even though I’m not going to see you again for who knows how long, like a year or something,” and it wasn’t like it wasn’t fun, but….. mou.

I’m really not bitching. I’m just tired. Yay for the Red Bull I have at work! I shall drink it and win. And hopefully we will be even less busy than yesterday. Though I was right, it did pick up at about 0515.

Mostle discovered that Tokio will curl up in this cookie tin and sit there complacently whilst one carries the tin around. It is easily as cute as eating a ball of clay, and I will take a peecture of it at the first available opportunity.

OK, it’s about going-to-worky time now. Tiiiiiiiiiiiiired.