I haven’t had one of these for a long time, but, shit, the last chapter of Wild Cat is soooo funny. A couple of the lines just kill me. I think, somehow, this may be the snarkiest Saitou I’ve ever written. These are my favorite lines:

While having another moving target with them was not the worst idea, the one he already had was enough trouble to put up with.

She would probably be tolerably dangerous once she put on some woman’s weight when the hormones kicked in, but given what he knew of her already, a hormonal Misao was the last thing in the world he wanted to think about.

He would have wondered why people were always so astonished by the fact that he was married if he weren’t routinely so astonished by it himself.

Saitou preferred talking about his children to talking about his wife, and both were better than talking about Misao’s legs or trying to impress upon her some sort of logic that would eventually, inevitably refuse to take, so he allowed the topic to occupy them all the way to the edge of town.

Ah, Saitou. How much love is in my heart for yoouu.