I was right all along. As soon as I was able to sleep in, my status effects were cured! And it does help that the swelling in my mouth went down just a tad as I slept so I’ll be able to eat today. I could still use some Ibuprophin, but I can’t find any. I know I’ve got some in my car, but I don’t want to put on shoes to go out there.

I had an interesting dream that was a mixture of Saiyuki, Silent Hill that Fiddychan has told me about, Rose Red, and a little bit of work thrown in (of course). I will type that up in my next post. So that was kinda fun to wake up from. And what am I going to do today? Be productive? Somehow I doubt it. We’ll see, though. I might want to work on something, but I might just want to watch anime and play Windwaker all day.

OK, onward to dream post.