I went to bed only a little late yesterday, and then couldn’t sleep. This was surely in part because it was so hot, in part because there was a particular set of ideas jumping on my brain, and in part because at the current moment, no matter which way I lie, I am in terrible pain!!!!! After waiting for an hour and a half or so to fall asleep, I got up and read the manga I’d bought. Then I did some other stuff. Then I ate dinner wis my family and started the New Year’s Eve puzzle. By then it was 2000, and I decided not to go into work until halfway through my shift (415) so as to get a decent amount of sleep if I could get any at all. Got up, felt quite rested, and headed for work. When I got there, checking this week’s schedule I discovered that whomever I’d talked to on the phone had read me my schedule wrong and I didn’t have to be there at all ^___^ So I came home and watched the anime Fiddychan got me for Christmas, which was Mirage of Blaze but turned out to be the OAV sequel to the series and left me terribly confused, though it was quite interesting. I found a cheap box set of the series, so I can catch up. Somehow the pain in my mouth seems right now to be worse than it’s been at any point so far. It’s really quite awful. I’m sitting here watching Akage no Anne without sound and suffering. I’d like to try to be productive, but I doubt it’s going to happen. Yaaa.