OK, it’s not technically Tuesday here just yet. But I’m still used to getting up two hours later than this. And one of these days I really will make it to bed on time, I swear. Yesterday between leaving the computer wis the intention to go to bed and actually going to bed came McDonald’s and Shaman King.

Oh, Shaman King… Da ha ha… I was putting off watching any of the anime until I finished Rune Soldier, but yesterday I decided to watch the first episode anyway. Then I watched the next two also. OK, so Ren shows up wis his phallic ugly hair and runs into Yoh for the very first time, and they stop in the middle of the street to greet each other. And what is Ren’s opening line? He says, and I kid you not, “I see you have a good tool. I hope you know how to use it well.” This is after they said that Amidamaru “slashed many people.” It lent a whole new (OK, not that new, but now just that much closer to canon) depth to my enjoyment of the series.

Woo! Dentist appointment today!

Happy Birthday, Mostle.

And now to worky.