I am trying to work on stuff and being distracted by a Shaman King drama CD ^__^ I have so many Shaman King CD’s now ^__^ Let there be light! Revive a soul! ^__^

I think I broke my favorite Mary-Sue author. I reviewed all the chapters she had up, and then I haven’t been back… and since I haven’t been back, she’s stopped updating XD

Yeth, this CD is mucho distracting. Yoh is so adorable. And if Conchi and Ponchi were under my control, I think I’d tie them up and throw them in a well or something.

I finished watching Rune Soldier yesterday. Have I mentioned what a retarded title I think that is? What part of “Magic Soldier Louie” translates to “Rune Soldier?” OK, well, the ‘soldier’ part. Still stupid. Anyway, it was the kind of ending I expected… where there’s a three-episode story that, while it does bring about a few changes, ends wis all the characters just going on as they have been and nobody pairing up, and can’t really be called an ending except that there’s no more of the series. I am sorely tempted to write fanfiction to come up wis a better ending and slash everyone. I will check out the manga first, though. Not sure what pairings I’d want to do… I like the idea of just about all of them. I think I’d absolutely have to have Louie/Ila. Except it wouldn’t be absolutely, because I like him wis everyone else too. Then I’m not sure how I’d manage it, but I kinda want Renard/Melissa. But I felt bad for Isabel and liked her by the end, and she and Renard would be amusing together too. And Genie/Melissa would be lovely… oh, I can’t decide. I like them all. They should just have an orgy.

Iiiiiit doesn’t seem like TPoI’s going to go anywhere today.

I haf not met Hao yet except in one frame (well, I assume that’s him, anyway), but I am teased about him in this vocal drama. I don’t know who this old guy is that’s talking, but he just said that Hao is kind… I wonder if he really is. I am so curious about him. Ah, methinks this is him singing. I could be wrong, but my anime instincts suggest that it is. Hmm, yeth, it does seem to be. And it is a very nice song and a sexy voice ^__^

My cat is the cutest creature.

Do you believe in in destiny?

Mayhap I can finish this vignette. That would be productive.

I love Over Soul so much. And now something bad seems to be happening to Anna in this vocal drama. Dunno what, though. (And whoever’s talking now sounds like Ogata Megumi. Raburabu Ogata Megumi, though I don’t think this is actually she.) Mmmm, Yoh’s getting all impassioned about something. Aww, he’s desperate to help Anna. *__* Rescue Anna! Rescue Anna! Rescue Anna from this guy wis the deep echoey voice and all the clicky noises! Yay! But first have a long conversation wis whoever this guy is. Matamune? Dunno who that is; I assume I will meet him eventually. Oh, echoey-voice is getting frantic about something now. Now it’s a new track and it seems like Yoh beat that guy and now he and Anna are reunited ^__^ I haven’t heard Amidamaru’s voice at all on this CD; I wonder where he is…

On a totally off-topic topic (well, off-topic from the last paragraph, which makes it pretty much in keeping wis the entire entry and most of my entries), I want to read Saiyuki fics but I fear because I haf not yet finished the series and I really, really don’t want to be spoiled.

I’m hungry.

Oh, there are outtakes at the end of this CD *glees* Yoh’s seiyuu cannot get through this line no matter how hard she tries, and they’re all laughing so much. They keep starting the music over, and she tries again and fails utterly. Hah, I was right… this chick that does Hao’s voice is also Genie ^_______^ So much sexiness. Also she’s Dilandau-sama and THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. OK, now I have to cross-check all the Mahousenshi Louie voices. Melissa was also Sailor Aluminum Siren and Birman; Ira was Relena and Tamasaburo (da ha ha ha ha, the little cross-dressing kid had the same voice as Relena) and Tsuwabuki (this is also funny to me); and Mirell was actually Utena — I wonder how I failed to notice that. Might as well cross-check the Shaman King cast too. That’s kinda silly to do since I haven’t met most of the characters in the anime yet, but… da ha ha ha, Koyasu Takehito does Faust. Why is that so not a surprise? Otherwise, nothing of interest within this list.

Oh, I should totally check my laundry.

OK, that’s going; back to the vignette. Seiyuu distracted me just as I reached linear completion. Now it’s as finished as it’s going to get, and I suppose I will post it. Which means I need to wrap up this pointless post so I can sign out and in and stuff.