It kinda weirds me out that I can go to an oral surgeon and say, “I need my wisdom teeth out,” and he can look in my mouth with a little mirror and say, “Yep, you need your wisdom teeth out,” and for that I am charged $74. Beyond this, I am really quite horrified about the whole entire thing in total. The worst part, actually, is the pictures in the pamphlet they gave me (which I suppose is what I’m paying the $74 for); the $1200-some price I was mostly prepared for. Thinking about chopping teeth into bits and then yanking them out of a bed of bone and then getting blood clots where they were, not so much. How does one prepare for that? Anyway, I’ll be really glad when this is over with. Especially since I have to put off my new computer until that point as well.

Absolutely no spending money from now on, period.