Well, I am usually sitting in a chair. Anyway, the plans of Fiddychan, Pierrling, and me were again thwarted by the movie theater’s not taking passes for Brokeback Mountain, so we gave a repeat performance of our last week’s brilliant Standing Around In The Movie Theater Entry Talking. Then we wented to Fiddychan’s house and hanged out there for a while. That was fun, and I will see that movie eventually.

Now I am listening to LoZ musics (*__*) and have just finished eating lunch. Next it will be time to attempt productivity, something I’ve had very little of for two months. It’s cold in here.

And somehow, just as I opened the story I’m trying to work on (OH), I got distracted browsing my own website… Yeesh, it’s really freaking cold in here. This room is never a good temperature.

Now I’ve been distracted for, like, an hour. Time to wrap that up… I am not good at getting undistracted.

Well, mayhap even if I had not been distracted I would not have gotten anything done: I’m too desperately tired to think straight. I am reminded (by myself) that I went to bed late and got up early for the third day in a row, and just because both of those circumstances were caused this time by friendly things does not lessen the lack of sleep. Methinks I will take a nap. Not like I’ve thought of a joke for this chapter of OH anyway. Every time I go to work on it, I end up adding a line or two to several chapters other than the current one. Granted, that does make for faster updates in the future, but I have to get to that future first.