Now I am eating lunch, listening to nice musics, and thinking about the deathly cute ASZz side-story I am writing. The chapter showed signs of wanting to be worked on yesterday, but was requesting a scene that, while it would be useful, might also be coincidence abuse — and thus I have not decided. The side-story, however, is something I’ve had in mind for a while and am very happy to have had bite me today.

BTW, I work at 0145 all week. I feel like life is finally back to normal ^__^ Also, Entenmann’s chocolate-frosted donuts are the best items ever.

One of the nose thingies on my glasses broke off, so I glued it back on. Now it is no longer flexible, and that side of the bridge of my nose hurts. Also it seems to have shifted the angle of the lenses slightly, which gives me a faint headache. Time for new glasses. Yay for more putting off of the computer! Except for the “yay” part. OK, no mas.