I just finished watching Mirage of Blaze. MOU. Worst UST Ever. Naoe and Kagetora have the most fucked-up relationship of any anime couple I have ever seen, and yet I so terribly want them together that I actually went fanfiction-hunting. There were some that were good and yet perpetuated the UST, and some that had sex but made them too nice to each other. I remain unsatisfied. I may have to write something myself. Of course, I’ll have to watch the damn thing about twelve more times to get all the clans straight. Straight? Did I say straight? Heh. Oh, and despite how desperately much Naoe/Kagetora needs to happen, I also want Naoe/Kousaka.

I am so frustrated wis this series it’s not even funny. The worst part is knowing that there’s so much more of it in another format that I’m never likely to experience. AAaarrgh.

OK, done now. Seriously.