So my Saiyuki-esque dream that I keep putting off typing up. I and some companions were going into this demon city in search of some sutras. These were hidden throughout the city in LoZWW-style spiky chests. Fortunately, in accordance wis my dream canon, I had awesome powers — in this case telekinesis and some cool concentration-based attack ability — so we were pretty easily able to avoid the traps around most of them and gather them up. The dream could not decide who my party consisted of. My sisters were always there, and they were half-demons (in this dream they were clearly identified as ‘demons,’ not ‘youkai,’ and this demon city was kinda more like the goblin city of Labyrinth than anything out of Saiyuki, except that the entire city was indoors), but the group also fluctuated to include, at various times, William, Lester, and my parents. Anyway, at some point we had accidentally stumbled into this demon elementary school (go figure) and my brother was with us then and did some kind of awesome magic. By then pretty much a million demons were on our trail, but we’d found all the sutras and were going to leave, so we were trying to find the way out. We found a door onto a balcony that overlooked a courtyard that was at the edge of the parking lot that surrounded the city. (Yeth, a parking lot surrounded the city; I mentioned the entire city was indoors, right?) Fortunately, I’d parked on that side of the building, so hopefully we could get away easily from that point. But then my sisters told me they had decided to stay in the demon city, because they were half-demons. I was very sad, but the rest of us headed out over the courtyard fence/wall into the parking lot. I realized that one of my sisters had my keys and had to go back to grab those, but after not too long we were at my car. We noticed that the couple in the truck parked next to us was having a big fight; the woman was kicking the man’s ass, until it switched and he was choking her. We watched for a while wondering what to do — call the demon police? — and then I woke up.