I slept in so blissfully late today. In doing so, I had even more crack dreams than usual, but that’s a topic for another post. I forgot to mention that my sister P came to visit for a while. While I’m not entirely placid in thinking about what her past behavior has been, I find that the thought of her is not nearly as aggravating as it was before, and we were able to hang out without any bad feelings. I gave her her Christmas present Firefly boxed set and we watched the first episode… she’s gone now, but she’d better tell me what she thinks of the rest!!! Well, I will harass her to do so.

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I really want to see more of Hakkai without his clothes power limiter. Mou.

Now it is weekendie. This is terribly delightful. Fiddychan, what are you doing at noon? Weekendie is a time for hanging out wis Fiddychan and doing laundry. Also I need to clean my room and maybe do some other stuff. Like be productive, although I don’t feel like it. I wish I could say that the level of response I got to ASZz14 is a record low, but unfortunately it’s not. Mayhap I will find something I want to draw, though. Hmm, I need foods at some point too. And maybe play with some MP3’s. And Windwaker. Ah, weekends are so full of possibilities.

OK, on to dream post.