I’ve not gotten much done today. I wrote a couple of paragraphs on TPoI, then got distracted messing wis old lj posts for, like, three hours. Now I am working on CC. Afterwhile I shall go get my hairs cut, because the shag is bothering me. Also I need to grab some cat food and some snack crackers for this week’s lunches. Uh, that’s crackers for this week’s lunches and cat food for the cat. Mayhap I will draw something after that; I dunno.

Yesterday I saw Brokeback Mountain wis Fiddychan. I used movie bucks that my grandma sent me for Christmas; if she’d had any idea what movie I was likely to see wis them, she would have been more than a little shocked.

Megadeth’s Rust in Peace album sucks so bad. It’s painful.

OK, no mas CC. Time for Hero, Hero. Today can be a Day To Update Stories Nobody Reads.

Ooh, and now I Hate Everything About You is playing. Every time this song comes on, I have to listen to it about thirty times in a row. It is just pure euphoria upon me.

The Cheat has returned. The Cheat is my mom’s robotic mini-vacuum item whose battery was dead for a long time. It is the cutest. It seems so personable. For a vacuum.

OK, I am done updating now. About time to go do errands.