No mas writey meme; I’m tired of it. Of course, it’s silly to say that when I haven’t made an entry for days; I merely say it as explanation of why this one doesn’t take part.

I need to go lunch-food shopping at some point, but I don’t feel like it yet. I need to get soda, crackers, donuts, cat litter, chapstick… and I think that’s all. Wait, I need sandwich-makings, too, since I’ma run out before the week’s over; so, ham, cheese, mayonnaise.

My cat is a fuzzy jelly bean.

I can’t believe I have to wait until May for more Shaman King. What a horrible point to leave off at! Well, any point would be a horrible point to leave off at, but this one was especially terrible. It’s like…

Ren: I’m embarrassed that you saw me all shirtless and chained up.
Yoh: Have you noticed we’re Yin and Yang?
Ren: Yeah.
Yoh: So, what do you think — dungeon sex?
Ren: My sister’s in the next cell sewing together a dismembered corpse. That really affects the mood for me.
Bailong: Oh, don’t mind me.
Jun: . . .

I obviously just reread what manga there is so far. And squeeed. Then I woke up wis the opening theme to the anime stuck in my head despite not having watched any of the anime for a long time. So now I am listening to musics of it and being happy about that. Whilst I was asleep I dreamed that the W?-fú Xing-dùi Sì-shàng-d?ng was after me. None of them really had any detail in the dream besides the snake-armed one (don’t remember which number he is), because I was kinda spazzing about him yesterday.

Da ha ha ha ha ha. OK, I have never seen the dub and don’t intend to, but I found this site of comparisons between the original and the dub… Some of it is just killing me. It seems like this dub ranks right down there wis Sailor Moon, and I never thought I’d find another show that bad. “In the original….Manta was simply trying to tell Yoh that he met someone with the same aura as Yoh…..In the dub, Morty tells Yoh about the ‘telepathic threat’. Then Morty proceeds to rambles about how he would like to be a fish.” And apparently they refer to Ren’s weapon (or Lenny’s weapon *dies*) as a sword O_o “13 year old Yoh’s goal for being Shaman King is still that he just wants to live his life lazily….Dub Yoh however, ‘takes things seriously’ now that he’s older. And then he decides to order sandwiches.” I don’t know how much more of this I can read. It’s so bad. “Originally, [Ren] was merely thinking back about events that transpired when he left China (a conversation between him and his father)….In the dub, Lenny telepathically talks with his father and then is magically transported to meet him.” And I am desperately confused that they seem to have mad him British. British?!?! How the hell are British and Chinese… well, never mind. Enough of that.

Uh, is it just me, or is this thing more than a little pointless? By which I mean more pointless than the usual pointless memes we do on lj?

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All right, I should totally do something real. No mas lj right now.