Yesterday I went to bed early, and today I got up late. It was bliss, I tell you. Pure euphoria. I was not desperately tired when I woke up, I have not been dragging my foots all day… I feel like love. *beams* Then I did some cleaning, got my laundry done, and worked on organizing MP3’s for most of the day. Also I ate BACON and introduced my brother to the world of X-Men via the first movie. Yeah, I know, I should have started him on the comics… problem is, because I never actually subscribed, the issues I have are scattered and don’t really make much sense unless you already know the world. I did alert him to the major changes, though. We’d be watching the second one, only he has to be somewhere in an hour and a half and there isn’t time. Hopefully tomorrow.

Anyway, I am exceptionally happy person today because of the not-tired. Tomorrow I dunno what I will do. I need to go to Safeway and get some things (to remind myself: lotion, chap stick, crackers, donuts), and hopefully I will manage some productivity too. Specifically writing, though that often doesn’t happen too much at this time of month so I won’t be too terribly depressed if I don’t manage any. I’d like to get something drawn at least, though.

Now I am talking to people on IM’s and they’ve made me forget what else I was going to say, so I guess I’m done.