I am in a good mood today. Now I will say some things.

I forgetted my samich today, so I got it during my lunch break and ate on my last break, which means I had only 15 minutes to eat and it fast. That was OK because I still got to eat it, and also during my first break I had some donuts and Dr. Pepper from the vending machines. I always eat from the vending machines when I have cash, which is why it’s good that I rarely carry cash. And that reminds me that I was going to go to Safeway on the way home and didn’t.

I am exchanging my phone again. For some reason it’s stopped holding a charge, and the signal fluctuates oddly. I get calls from people who’ve had their phones for, like, three years without problems, but mine… well, I shouldn’t bitch; my previous phone lasted plenty long, and the only problem wis the last one was that I couldn’t access the internet on it. Anyway, I’m uploading all the pictures I’ve taken now so I can download them onto the replacement. Hopefully they won’t be stingy wis me about ringtone credits, but I bet they will; I know the policy, after all. I’d credit someone for as many ringtones as I’ve got downloaded, on a cross ship, but everyone knows I’m too nice. Ah, what I really want is the Slider Sonic. Someday (when my warranty on this one is up, provided I can spend money at that point) I will get it.

Somebody found my site by searching for “ancient japan aku soku zan.” I’d like to meet this person and question them on their definition of “ancient.”

Today I am working on Big Fat River, because I want to finish that, dammit. I found a semi-decent ending for it, which has been a large part of my hang-up so far, so we’ll see.

Once upon a time my cat was cute. The End.