You know what’s totally unfair? A Labyrinth dream that doesn’t involve tight pants and makeup. Though I guess I should be careful what I wish for… I might get Hoggle in tight pants and makeup. But seriously, what’s the point of running around through a labyrinth if there’s no David Bowie at the end of it?

I’m on breakie right now, obviously. I just thought I’d mention my dreams. I also had one where it was my birthday and I was having a party at a park with a lot of people, many of whom were little kids. And I was wearing a toga that kept falling off. My naked-in-public dreams don’t have the significance they supposedly do for most people, though… it’s just inconvenient, not embarrassing.

Well, I’m back on the clock now, so I suppose I should stop this entry and get back to the real point of being here, which is working on stories between calls.