I am so so so so sick of being freezing cold through half my shift at work. I sit there clutching my trench-coat around me and shivering and it drives me crazy. Then on my lunch I go to the cafeteria and it’s even colder and when there are thirty of us working why can’t they turn the heaters up a little???? Therefore I have determined on some necessary expenditures this weekend, and, adding them to the usual stuffs, the complete list is as follows:

Tights to wear under pants and keep my legs warm
Maybe some long-sleeved shirts to wear under shirts and keep my boobs warm
Thermosy item in which to bring hot chocolate
Hot chocolate
Lunch crackers
Lunch donuts
Lunch sodas

Also the other cold problem is wis pajamas. If I put pajamas on to go to bed in, they inevitably get too hot and I take them off. But then for the latter end of my sneeping time, it gets sooo cold (especially on nights when, like last night, it snows) and I sleep badly but am not awake enough to realize I should put my pajamas back on. On nights when I’ve already had crappy sleep because of noisesome shelf-tearing, this is inconvenient.

I am tired.

But today when Lester gets home we’re going to watch X2, and this is exciting unto me. Of course I have to wait for him to finish his homework first. Silly schoolchild.