OK, this is officially the best meme ever. I am laughing so hard as I’m making this post. Write an illustrated post by google-image-searching for keywords from your post and including the pictures you choose in the appropriate spots. Bold the keywords.

So yesterday I went to the mall wis Fiddychan.
I bought the tights I was there for
as well as a battle-axe,
and we had some unsatisfying food.
Then we kidnapped Pierrling,
went to Best Buy (where there were not many hot guys
but there was Sack)
and then to see Underworld: Evolution, for which I was glad I’d paid only matinee price.
Then I came home
and slept for eleven or so hours.
And what did I dream about?
No. I dreamed about having a threesome
with twins (thanks, Pierrling)
and Schuldig
becoming my boyfriend.
Which is fine by me.
Today I must do the rest of my shopping,
work on my peecture of Saitou and Sano,
and I dunno what else.