Remember how I said my mom wanted to watch the first episode of The 10th Kingdom and ended up watching the entire DVD, and got my dad into watching it too? Well, they watched all the rest of it yesterday XD My mom couldn’t stop remarking that it was the weirdest (sometimes she said ‘stupidest’) thing she’d ever seen, and yet she sat through the whole thing rapt. Sometimes she has a hard time admitting that she likes stuff. Anyway, I was pleased wis that.

My sister M got accepted into BYU. This is a good jobon her and impressive… not something I could have managed (er… or wanted to, but that’s beside the point), and hopefully it will make her happy. It’s good that my parents have a daughter they can be proud of, too. We had a celebration dinner at Village Inn where I got to eat STEAK, and we also got ice cream. That was vera nice.

Today I got some of the usual weekend stuff done, but Shaman King distracted me completely from my laundry O_o I’ve got forty minutes before bedtime, and the dryer’s not even going to be done wis its first run-through of my first load in that amount of time. And I couldn’t just skip it, as I skipped it last weekend and both my pants are dirty. So I’m looking forward to a broken sleep. Not that I’m not used to that. I’ll just read Shaman King or something, heh.

I’ve been lazily trying to get all my old journal entries appropriately tagged and secured… I was friends-only for about a year and a half, and during that time flocked every single post I’d ever made… so I’m trying to get the ones that aren’t desperately private unlocked, and all of them tagged… but it’s so tedious. I went through a couple of months’ worth yesterday, but that was all I could take. At least now I am making a conscious effort to tag posts as I make them so I don’t have a million work later.

I have a battle-axe. But not much else to say. I had more to say, but, as is the grand and glorious tradition of my livejournal, I’ve forgotten it in the course of writing the above.

“It means you’re an idiot.”