My Shaman King boxed sets came yesterday, and I just spent a few hours watching the first two (of nine) DVD’s. I have to say, the anime is far inferior to the manga. Given that the manga is definitely my second-favorite manga ever, that doesn’t at all mean that I’m not greatly enjoying the anime so far, though. Lots of stupid changes, but movement and seiyuu always make for a good experience.

Jun spends a lot of time standing around pensively (after getting the philosophical smackdown from Yoh, I mean). I’m sure she does this in the manga too, but she does it off-panel there. In the anime, we keep getting lots of shots of it, and it’s actually kinda really making me want Yoh/Jun. Especially since Anna, who kicks twelve million ass in the manga, is not nearly as cool in the anime. Every single one of my favorite lines of hers have been cut. The bit where she threatens to send Tokagerou to Hell, especially, I really liked, and they took that out. Also, of course, the “homophobic” line in reference to Amidamaru and Mosuke XD

And speaking of Amidamaru and Mosuke, could they make that veil any thinner if they tried?? *__* Those guys keep moving up my list of Most Obviously But Not Admittedly Gay Couples. The Amidamaru/Yoh fic that’s been floating around in my head for a long time is taking more definite shape, too. But what the hell’s with the “second Harusame” with “Mosuke’s will” in it? O_o

Randomly appearing Tao lady wis the busty ninja whatever-it-was (it in no way resembled a kyonshi or a spirit of any sort) = weird and stupid. Why did they cut the fun events at the beginning of the story that established what Yoh can do and then add weirdness like this?

Randomly appearing way the hell early Horo Horo = mas slash AND BLUE-HAIRED LOVE, and didn’t really bug me too much. He’s hotter than in the manga, too, which I attribute mostly to Ueda Yuuji (and expected). He’s totally cute and amusing. I can’t wait to see him interact with Ren. I think they may turn out to be my Saitou/Sano couple for this series. And… the fact that Horo Horo has Sano’s voice has nothing to do wis that. Really. “It means you’re an idiot.”

Ryu is not nearly as funny in the anime. Oh, he’s funny, but whereas in the manga his random speeches crack me up, in the anime they kinda drag. And his hair’s only amusing the first time, whereas in the manga I laugh every time. Still, the bath scene where he had it down and wet and revealed how hot he actually is was longer :D

Randomly appearing YOH’S DAD…??? = WTF?

SHILVA = TEH HOT. I mean, I already knew that. He equaled teh hot in the manga, but HOLY SHIT. His stupid animals are just as obnoxious as I expected, but Shilva… HOLY SHIT. I absolutely must figure out a way to get him and Amidamaru together. Painfully beautiful man.

OK, I’m done now.