So yesterday I had decided that, being very tired of waking up totally exhausted and miserable every day, it would be a good idea to shift my bedtime from 16 to 15. Then I went downstairs to watch more Shaman King, completely forgetting two things: first, my obsessive-compulsive inability to watch anything less than a complete DVD; second, that I needed a shower. 1500 rolled around and the DVD wasn’t finished, but I figured that was OK; I could change bedtime another day… then when it ended at about quarter to 1600 I remembered shower necessity. And everyone knows how long my showers are, right? Yeah. So, I got to bed late yesterday, and am miserably exhausted today! Fortunately, I have a little cash so I can purchase a Bull of the Red variety from a vending machine at work. Good jobon that one.

Shaman King, BTW, continues to be unbelievably lame compared to the manga. In maybe one or two more episodes I’ll have passed as far as the manga’s gotten, but I’m not going to believe a damn thing I see. Faust was so badly-done… the stupid way they’ve rearranged events and all the other idiotic changes are actually really starting to irritate me. Which is still not to say that I’m not enjoying the series. It’s just threatening to take first place on my list of Good Manga That Got Totally Fucked Up. Oh, yesterday I was watching it with Chinese subtitles, heh. Couldn’t find the remote anywhere.

I have been so uninspired lately. For months, really. It doesn’t help that we’re still stupidly busy at work. I wonder when it will go back to the nice state it was in during the summer. That was love. Anyway, I think I might be able to work on something today (probably ASZz), but only if I have time. Stupid work, making me work.

And now I go there.