Well, today I did some productivity. I worked some extra hours just to see if it would screw up my weekend or not. I don’t think it really did, but it definitely didn’t make it better. We’ll see if I ever do extra hours again. All this coming week I work at 115 rather than 2, which means I have to go to bed, like, an hour early!! How obnoxious is that??

Productivity else I did today was a little on Hero, Hero and then the One Line game on all 11 stories I have on this computer. It worked quite well, even on the Saitou/Sano vampire item that probably isn’t ever going to go anywhere for real, so I was vastly pleased on that one.

Yesterday Fiddychan and I wented to the mall and saw Nanny McPhee, which (in case I didn’t mention it last time) is TEH CUTE. And now it’s about time for me to stop doing computer stuff. I need to get my lunches ready for this week and put away all the laundry I washed last weekend that’s been sitting in baskets getting more and more wrinkly since then.