OK, today is an awesome day, and I will say the why.

First, it’s Friday, the heavenly herald of the week’s ending and more sleep than is technically healthy.

Second, Saiyuki. I don’t remember the last time every other moment of a series brought such a giant happy bubble into my heart. It’s actually not the best thing to read at work for that very reason, because half the time when a call comes through I’m just starting to laugh really hard at something (or squee myself to death because Sanzo and Hakkai are talking like a married couple with rowdy children again). I’m also amazed that, for all the times I’ve reread the series, I never skip any parts of it. Usually in a series there’ll be parts I’ll get tired of and don’t reread as often as the others… this one I just keep reading all the way through (as far as has been released here) over and over and over again. The way I’ve gotten totally drawn in to all sides of the conflict (I was going to say “the good guys and the bad guys,” but I realized that… doesn’t really work), the near-lethal hotness of almost every single character, the highly-reminiscent-of-Takeuchi-Naoko random-posing-in-different-outfits shots… holy shit, this is an awesome manga.

Third, a variety of little donuts.

Fourth, Shaman King. I am planning a series of vignettey items about Jun and Pailong. Especially now that they’ve reappeared.

Fifth, everything. I love everything. Destroy!

Sixth, I sold, like, ten phones today. Now, normally I get all types of calls. Sometimes there will be bizarre days when I seem to get lots and lots of one type or another… like… all activations; or all Month2Month people on level 25 who’ve used 15 night and weekend minutes and really sure as hell should not be on the Month2Month offer; or all stupid people who don’t know which is the pound key… oh, wait, that’s all of them. Anyway, today seemed to be all the people in the world who had lost their phones and needed new ones… even, in some cases, people out of warranty who actually accepted the fact that cell phones don’t last for more than a couple of years. At least ours don’t.

And speaking of Shaman King, now I will go watch.