In my first dream, Faust and Manta and I were hanging around waiting for Yoh and Anna, when Faust suddenly decided he wanted to have sex with me *__* So we sent Manta away on some silly errand (like he’s not used to that). Then I started pretending I didn’t want to have sex with Faust (playing hard-to-get, I guess, though I’m not sure why) and asking him where Eliza was and what she would think of this. But he was determined and started chasing me somewhat psychotically (*____*) and eventually caught me. It was at this point that he revealed he wanted anal sex, which he hadn’t implied before but was fine with me — but he had a huge cock and no lube. So I sent him off to find some. The only thing he could find was tanning lotion, so when he came back various parts of him had darkened considerably. Of course various parts of him are already darker than normal, considering he doesn’t seem to be very picky about the race of his donors when he does skin grafts on himself. Which is totally sexy, but the tanning lotion was not. It made me giggle so hard we couldn’t get anything done, and then Yoh and Anna showed up. Anna glared at us severely for being naked, and Yoh tried not to look. I started to cry because we’d been interrupted. Damn psychotic Germans. Why do they have to be so sexy and unattainable??

In my more family-safe second dream, my dad and my sister M and I were at Disneyland. I don’t know why I have so many dreams about Disneyland. So we were on this ride that was a flying train. Even in the dream, where things like this usually make sense effortlessly, I was a little concerned about the physics of landing a train on train tracks, but that has little bearing. While we were in the air, the train got hijacked by the copilot who was actually a gypsy in disguise. We didn’t realize this just yet, though. After we landed, I started thinking how funny it would have been if the Fellowship had been on a train through Moria and Gollum had been following them on one of those little carts where you have to push the lever thing up and down to make it move along the tracks. In the dream there was some reason for my thinking of this… something that made it a coherent, logical follow-up to our situation… but I can’t figure out what that was. Anyway, I told my dad and sister this idea and wasn’t it funny? and then we looked back and there was one of those little carts following us and this was minorly freaky. There were also some people running along and some people on bikes. They were the gypsy cohorts of the copilot, and they were going to board the train and then there was going to be some sort of magical ritual or something. It kindof degenerated from there into stuff I can’t describe, but on awakening I was highly amused by the Moria bit.