My brother and I just watched the first GW DVD. We were actually going to watch SK, but my mom’s DVD-ROM couldn’t read the second disc and as the remote is still lost we couldn’t watch downstairs (as he doesn’t understand any Japanese). Aaanyway. L’s thoughts:

Was amused at Relena’s richness. Thought she paid everyone to be her friends. When she ripped her dress to bandage Heero’s gunshot wounds, made the comment, “This bandage is worth more than your life!”

Thought Wufei was a girl until he spoke.

DA HA HA HA HA HA, picked up on the Trowa/Quatre thing almost immediately. My brother is a very sheltered 14-year-old, mind you, and knows nothing of my slashy ways. I was pleased.

Together we determined that the entire point of the show is to pose and/or explode. Mostly explode.

OK, now bye.