So what is the natural result of going to bed two hours late after walking around for five hours expending massive amounts of energy squeeing? Insomnia, of course. I really amaze myself sometimes. When I went to bed, I figured I didn’t need to take a sleep item as I was so tired, but an hour and a half later I changed my mind. Maybe an hour after that I finally fell asleep, and it was crappy sleep. Therefore today I am tired! However, I am in a relatively good mood in spite of this. I win.

This episode of The Flinstones is quite funny. I sure wish they’d not put laugh tracks in, though. If there’s anything more obnoxious than a laugh track, I don’t know what it is. Well, actually, I know quite a few things that are. But I’m glad the era of sitcoms is over. Though as I don’t watch TV, I really shouldn’t talk.

OK, enough.