Ugh, I is so sickly. It is lame. I’ma get a big ol’ cheeseburger wis bacons on the way home, though, so that is exciting.

I swear, saying “I’m going to bed early today” is a freaking jinx… every time I do, I end up in bed at least an hour late. I took this nighttime cold medicine that created this mild and rather pleasant burning sensation in my stomach but had no other discernable effect (except for helping me sleep, of course, which is always good but nothing out of the ordinary), and I will take more today and hopefully magically heal. I will not go to bed early, though… I will go to bed just on time.

Tired hungry sick. Yeth. Also have still not yet typed out what I’ve written on my Pailong/Jun. But otherwise in a good mood. MmmmPailong/Jun.