The stupid computer up here connects to the internet less and less frequently, and it’s the only one that has Y!M on it. Beyond that, my Legend of Dragoon came yesterday, so I need to play that for about 4,000 hours. I do still love everybody, though.

Other thing I have to mention is a funny call I took today. Girl was having a problem with her phone, so I go to look up her account… but the phone number she gives me doesn’t turn anything up. Well, that’s OK, people get their own phone numbers wrong all the time (more than you’d think, actually -__-), so I look her up by name. Hmm, nothing under her name either. Well, that’s also pretty normal, because whoever set up her account for her could easily have spelled her name wrong. I search for it wis a couple of different spellings, but even using the “If I were a native-Spanish-speaker, how would I spell this?” logic, still nothing. Now the situation is getting worrisome. I have her read me the electronic serial number off the inside of the phone… no account. I wonder if, by some strange circumstance, she might think she’s been activated but actually isn’t, and type the ESN into the activation screen. “ESN does not exist,” it says. But it’s a perfectly valid-looking ESN, I think, baffled. Could some strange magic have occurred in the network to have eaten her entire account and decided her ESN doesn’t exist…? By this point I’m very concerned, and the girl is equally confused as she’s been using her phone without problems for months. Next I start to think that this is possibly a hoax, that this person has just called to waste my time — but if so, she knows pretty damn well how the system works (provided her password and everything) and is terribly convincing. But just in case that is the case, I go to look up the area code of the number she’s given me to see if it’s an actual area code or if she was just saying something made up. And then, then after 15 minutes of fruitless searching for this customer’s account, I realize what’s going on…… Area code 403. Calgary. Yeah. I get her the Virgin Mobile Canada customer service number and we both laugh for a bit. It was the best call I took all day.

Actually, today was fairly miserable. I was horribly tired and sick-feeling when I woke up, and literally slept between every call for the first two hours. Eventually I felt a little better, though I’m still tired and sick-feeling, and wooooo am I glad it’s Friday. I got some kind of a bacony chicken samich at Carl’s Jr. on the way home, and that definitely helped.

OK, time for Dragoons.