Well, the internet on the crap computer still isn’t working, which means no Y!M still, so I figured I should make an actual entry stating actual stuff that’s happened before I forget it all. And also just to prove to myself that I can make real entries on a computer that doesn’t have Y!M on it. Really.

My LoZ collector’s collection item came, so yesterday I played Ocarina of Time instead of Legend of Dragoon. So many video games. They are life-eating. Destruction James upon productivity! Yeah! Not that I’ve been all that productive lately anyway. Whatever.

So the other day when I was at the mall, I was waiting around for the stores to open (silly daylight people) and this guy randomly comes up to me and says, “It’s so weird to see someone dressed normal around this place.” I look at him and he is, like me, wearing all black. Only he’s got this skull-decorated bandanna and a leather jacket and is obviously one of those statement-making people. God I hate stupid stereotypes. Especially when they lead obnoxious statement-making people to approach me out of the blue (or I should say black) as if I’m one of the brethren and likely to like them just because they’re wearing my favorite (non)color. Aaaanyway. He went on and on about his work as a P.I., and it wasn’t as annoying as it could be (even if I kinda didn’t believe a word he was saying) because it was somewhat amusing. Then he got scared off by anime when Heroes and Dragons opened. I ordered a Saiyuki wall scroll and got the last Samurai Champloo DVD.

Today at work I was wanting Saitou/Sano something desperate, but for some reason didn’t feel like working on any of the 100-some Saitou/Sano projects I have going. It’s painful how often this happens. As usual, I just started another one. It’s nice. Then at lunch I was all excited because the other day I discovered that the Carl’s Jr. near my work has a 24-hour drive-thru, and I was going to get a double cheeseburger WIS BACON. But I realized I’d somehow left my wallet at home. Which is something I do maybe once a year, and you can bet it will be on the day I’m excited to get a double cheeseburger WIS BACON. A coworker gave me change for the vending machines, and I got a big ol’ cinnamon roll, but it was a little too soft and sweet for some of my strained teeth to handle (Friday), so I only ate about 2/3 of it. I’m still starving, but at the moment I’m typing an lj entry. I should type another one in a second here to detail my dreams, but I think I’ma have to switch to my dad’s computer as my mom will need hers and the crappy one, as I may have mentioned a couple of times, will not connect to the internet.