I’m home from work and have several things to update about. Let’s see if I actually get to them all. Soreja, in no particular order…..

Sometimes in fluorescent light my hands look really soft. I like that. It makes me want to lick them. They taste decent, too.

So yesterday my mom and M and I went to Taco Bell. And when we got our food and sat down, there was some guy at another table who was looking at us and evidently about to make fun of my hair and M’s hair (M is doing dreds, but they are not completely formed, so at the moment they look kinda weird)…. so my mom glared at him until he left. She told us about this after he was gone, and I was highly amused. I said, “So let him make fun! What does it matter?” She said, “I’m not going to let him make fun of my girls!!” And I said, “But you don’t like our hair.” Replied she, “I’m still not going to let somebody else make fun of you. It’s the mother bear instinct. Grrrrrrr.” I found this terribly funny.

Every month when the fun time rolls around, I get a million zitties on my face. I really hate it, but I’m used it it. Anyway, this month I’ve had more than usual, which I attribute to a higher level of hormones. What I’m wondering is whether the extra hormones were the cause for the story I’m writing, or whether the story I’m writing caused me to get more hormonal than usual XD

I’m always somewhat amused and perplexed when it comes to the standards of certain people who won’t watch/read/listen to/etc. certain things. There’s this woman I work with… On some cable station we often watch, at a certain time of night, it stops playing real programs and starts playing hours of paid advertisement for some soft-core porn called Wild Party Girls. It doesn’t even really merit the title “soft-core” — it’s just a bunch of sorority girls waggling their breasts and dancing for a camera, as far as I can tell — but the moment it comes on, this woman shrieks, “Can we watch something other than this filth?!?!” Today when this happened, they turned on Underworld, and she was satisfied. I heard her over there a bit later happily counting the number of bullets the main character put into some guy’s head.

So my question is this: what makes Underworld less offensive than Wild Party Girls? Actually I personally find Wild Party Girls mildly offensive, but purely because it’s so blatantly unartistic… but, in all honestly, Underworld isn’t so far behind on that count. So I’m in no way arguing in favor one or the other, or trying to dog on people with standards. I just wonder, sometimes, at the things some people are willing to accept quite placidly while indignantly avoiding others. In this particular instance it’s something that’s puzzled me for a long time: why is violence more acceptable than sex? How does that make any sense? How is destroying life something we watch with amusement, while sexual behavior (related, more or less, with the creation of life) is supposedly disgusting? But the more general question is, when two things are considered deviant or degenerate, why bother assigning degrees and calling one filth and the other entertainment? It kinda bugs me.

Wow, I got through all my topics, even though one of them was a pseudo-rant. That’s probably a record for me! Now if I can get my dream post typed out, I’ll consider this a miracle day.