The first dream, which I actually had a few nights ago and just kept putting off writing down, was about me being a tutor/caretaker to both Horohoro and Ren. And for some reason this involved me sharing a bed with each of them on alternating nights. The thing is, I usually sleep naked… and, according to this dream, so do they. Yeah, so I’m a pedophile. They sure as hell weren’t built like they were only 14 in this dream, though, heh… Anyway, one night was a Horohoro night, and he and I were lying there and apparently both getting really horny. So we started some grinding and random groping, but hadn’t gotten to actual penetration or anything, when suddenly my mom walked by (the door was open) and saw us. We stopped right away and pretended to be asleep, but I knew she’d seen.

This was confirmed the next day when we were driving somewhere. Apparently she was my supervisor of some sort in this tutoring/caretaking program I was part of, and had to remonstrate me in an official capacity (and, oddly enough, not as my mother). The really bizarre thing was my attitude toward this: I was totally casual about it — I admitted it wasn’t a good thing to be doing (molesting my charges, that is), but explained it away by saying, “What do you expect when you put a single woman naked in bed with a hot boy?” and adding that, as Horohoro hadn’t mentioned it the next day, I thought he’d forgotten about it. Also that I didn’t remember molesting Ren at any point. In short, that it just wasn’t that big a concern; if we got separate beds, it was sure not to happen again, and there would likely be no bad consequences of it. O_o Great attitude, huh? Hoping that doesn’t reflect my actual underlying state of mind. Yeesh.

So anyway, my mom said that she would have to be notifying Horohoro’s and Ren’s parents about this, and it kinda cracks me up to think about my mom calling up Tao En and saying, “Your son’s tutor might have molested him recently; just thought you ought to know.” Because the really funny thing about it was that, while she was going to be calling their parents, she wasn’t taking any disciplinary action against me or removing me from the position. Then the rest of the dream turned into a typical my-family-has-recently-moved-into-a-huge-mansion-with-about-a-hundred-rooms-and-I-can’t-find-my-bedroom dream. But this makes the second Shaman King sex dream I’ve had. I’ve only ever had sex dreams about guys from three anime series, that I can recall — Rurouni Kenshin, Weiss Kreuz, and now Shaman King. I think it’s the second word starting wis K that does it. But it says something that I’ve already had two SK sex dreams this early on in the fangirling process.

The second dream was just uber-awesome. It was one of those dreams that started out somewhat random and then my mind obviously realized how awesome it was an added on to it more coherently. I’ma tell it in the order the events supposedly happened, not in the order they were presented, because my brain didn’t come up wis them in chronological order. This dream was largely inspired by The 10th Kingdom, wis bits of Legend of Dragoon thrown in.

I was this knight in the service of Pierrling, who was the prince of our kingdom. Good jobon you, Pierrling. So then the evil queen (I don’t know what she was the queen of, or whether or not she was anyone’s stepmother) appeared and cast a spell on Pierrling that put him to sleep (and he was in a glass coffin), and all the other knights and lords (who’d been planning to rebel anyway) swore loyalty to the queen. I swore loyalty to her too so that I could keep an eye on her and figure out how to defeat her, while meanwhile everyone else who was loyal to Pierrling was forming a resistance quietly in the background.

The queen was having me do some kind of loyalty-oath-ritual, which I had to do naked in front of all the other knights. She required this because she didn’t trust me and didn’t think I was serious about the oath, and thought that by making me do it like that I would be unnerved and would slip up and reveal something I didn’t want to. What she didn’t realize was that I didn’t care at all whether the other knights saw me naked, because I was lesbian and could kick all their asses anyway XD

So, during this ritual, the queen apparently got fed up with my acting — either I wasn’t doing it very well, or she’d never believed me in the first place — and shot a tranquilizer dart right through my neck. This startled me a bit, but I had taken some kind of potion beforehand and was immune to the tranquilizer. I pretended to be blacking out, though, because I thought faking unconsciousness might let me hear some useful information. At the same time, I was still pretending to be loyal to her, and acting confused as to why she’d shot me — telling her that if she needed me tranquilized, I would gladly have allowed her to do it a more normal way (like in the arm or something). So I’m lying naked on the floor pretending to be unconscious, and all the other knights are having a good dirty laugh at this, and the queen starts talking about her plans for the country. She’s about to discuss what she plans to do wis Pierrling when she gets tired of my naked presence distracting the other knights. So she has some servants carry me off to her secret chamber, saying she will deal wis me later.

In that secret castle chamber, I first get some clothes on, then look around for anything I can use against her. Somehow many of the resistance find their way there (I must have signaled them somehow), and we’re all looking together at the queen’s bubbling cauldron and this massive number of swords hanging on racks and on the walls. And then the queen comes in. Everyone else is terrified of her, but I grab a sword and bravely start fighting her. She has some evil magic that she uses against me, but eventually I’ve stabbed her quite a few times and she starts to stagger like she’s finally going to die. But instead of dying, she regenerates boss-monster style and turns into this… really creepsome version of herself where she’s made of toxic, acidic chemicals and is green and drippy and slimy-looking. I start to attack her again, but my sword is melting much faster than I’m doing any kind of damage to her, so I have to come up with another plan. Cleverly, I use the last of the hilt to push her into her cauldron, where the chemicals in whatever she was brewing mix wis whatever weird chemicals she’s made up of and cause her to melt and explode!!!! How cool is that?

So I destroyed the evil queen; all that’s left to deal with are the rebellious lords and other knights. I start arming all my resistance friends that are there wis all the swords I mentioned that the queen seemed to have been collection; convenient, no? My dad’s there as part of the resistance; I think this is more of the 10th Kingdom influence than any profound glance into my subconscious. My dad’s much cooler than Tony, though. So all the resistance is armed… and there are all these geisha in the castle (don’t ask me why; also don’t ask why they’re the Academy Ward Relief Society), so I start arming them too; they seem actually more excited than the resistance to kick ass on the treacherous lords and knights, and are running off to the great hall before I’ve even given swords to all of them. I get the feeling they’ve been mistreated. So anyway, I’m remarking to my dad that with our numbers, overcoming the lords and knights will be a piece of cake, and then all we need to do is break the spell on Pierrling and everything will be fine again. Apparently I’ve got something in mind to wake Pierrling up, because I don’t seem particularly worried about this.

Evidently we do accomplish all of that, because the next scene is somewhat later during the rebuilding-the-kingdom, fixing-all-the-crap-the-evil-queen-screwed-up stage. I’m working hard like everyone else to do this, and I get commended and given a special title by Pierrling because I am the most loyal and brave and cool-things-doing knight ^__^ However, I only live moderately happy ever after, as I have been slightly traumatized by my experiences wis the evil queen and have nightmares about her forever more. Still, it was really quite an awesome dream.