I consistently have a nasty taste in my mouth (stitch flavor) and have eaten a lot of soup. Also I spent the entirety of yesterday playing Majora’s Mask. As I went to bed, I was telling myself that I was going to be productive today, but this is already being undermined by the fact that my black pajamas are so sexy and cute I haven’t been able to bring myself to get dressed yet, and one is rarely in a productive state of mind in pajamas.

My face is less swollen than I had expected, and the pain is less than expected as well. Sure, it’s enough to wake me up on its own and remind me to take pain killers if I haven’t in over six hours, but honestly the stitch taste and the fact that I spent $1200-some moneys on this is more unpleasant.

It’s snowing a million outside, and I’m glad I took the extra days off even if I would be OK at work at this point. Today I plan to eat soup, play video games, and think about being productive. Lately I’ve been writing a nice UST story about the boys and working on the next ASZz chapter. I also might play with some MP3’s, but we’ll see. Video games shall probably dominate all.

Oh, I should mention my dreams. I always have interesting dreams when I’m sick or otherwise messed up in the head. My dreams for the last couple of nights have all been snippets that jump from one story or idea to the next to the next and leave me terribly confused upon waking. A couple of nightmares, even, which I don’t have many of. The one in specific I need to mention is the Kenshin x Kaoru dream where I was Kaoru. This was a first, I can assure you. The one I just woke up from started out as a Starbucks commercial and turned into real life. It had some bizarrely natural dialogue, for a dream of mine.

Well, I think that’s enough ljing for now. I’ma look at a couple of things online and then probable go play video games.