To bitch or not to bitch, that is, and I’m leaning toward the former. Work didn’t suck as bad as I expected, but I still wish I’d taken the whole week off. I hadn’t counted on being such a pussy; I really should have. Anyway, the pain kept me awake long after I should have been asleep yesterday, so I was deathly tired and in pain at work. Still, I managed to write a vignette, so life is decent. Oh, and my car’s acting up badly again. On the way back from my follow-up appointment just now it started dying at every complete stop for no discernible reason and threatening to die when I just slowed down. I was going to get food, too; instead I was glad to make it home.

Anyway, vignette. I shall type it up and see what I can do about posting it. In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, the computer I normally use now refuses to connect to the internet, and what’s left wis connections are my mom’s computer and my dad’s computer… both of which I feel leery about working on/posting yaoi stuff from, and to neither of which can I download a copy of the ftp program I use to update my site. Oh, and neither one has any messenger programs, which is why nobody’s talked to me in a million years!!! Well, that and mouth excavation.